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Perhaps you have contacted a professional astrologer or psychic? It is alright to admit it. While some may mock you for doing accordingly, you should be aware of that you are in good quality business. There are plenty of celebrities and well-known individuals who have completed so!

The former English prime minister and his wife aren't any strangers to spirituality. In truth they were understood to have participated in a Mayan re-birthing ceremony in Mexico at one time. Cherie Blair in particular is significant about her spiritual studies and is a pupil of Lilias Curtin, a New Age and alternative health guru.

Brad Pitt h-AS contacted John Bard, psychic to the stars, while the wonderful Angelina has used a medium to aid her interact with her mother on the opposite side.

And now for the tabloid side of things. Although nothing is proven, it's been documented that Mrs. Blair used government funds to pay on her own individual astrologer.

The people's princess was fascinated with all the occult and contacted her reveal of astrologers and psychics. She also observed fortune tellers whilst in her teens!

She was certainly no dabbler and took the religious kingdom critically. She consulted with several astrologers throughout her existence: Penny Thornton for six years, accompanied by by Gloria Palco and Darlene Frank, additionally to get a amount of many years. As for mediums, Simone Simmons and Rita Rogers were among her most-trusted advisers.

It doesn't take a clairvoyant to tell you that this couple's good looks and achievement are here to remain, however it is interesting to remember that that they equally consult with intuitive advisers. Brad Pitt has consulted Ron Bard, psychic to the stars, while the wonderful Angelina has utilized a medium to aid her interact with her mother on the other side.

Nancy Reagan frequently contacted together with her astrologer, Joan Quigley frequently. Both she and the President employed astrology when planning travel, social occasions and even politics speeches. The truth is, astrology followed Mr. Reagan's bid for the presidency to start with, together with his with his pick of George Bush Sr. as Vice-President. After the 1981 assassination attempt on the Leader, the First Woman really raised her advisory meetings with Ms. Quigley.

Therefore the very next occasion you feel stupid about consulting an astrologer or clairvoyant, remember these well-known people!


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